About the house

The Hamburg City House was built in 1828 -1829 by a burgess of Karlín, Václav Novotný, and it consisted of a three story residential building, serving also as a public house. The name refers to the German port city of Hamburg, and it was taken after the inn that used to be in the building. The inn was of a great importance due to its location near a river harbor, built in the 19th century, which connected Prague to Hamburg through the Vltava and Elbe rivers. It was also ideal because it was near to Rohanský ostrov (Rohan island) where a freight yard was built in 1873.

The house faces the Square of Karlín with its distinct empire facade the main feature of which is the triple window above the gateway. The inner yard is lined with lower buildings on either side which were originally used as stables and carriage sheds. The former warehouse building in the yard could be loaded directly from the ships anchoring in the harbor. There are vast basement premises below the house which were formerly used as a storehouse for the public house.

Right before the beginning of the 20th century, a part of the house was bought by JUDr. František Lokay, whose family then owned it until the half of the century when it was confiscated by the state and assigned to Tesla Karlín n.p. (national works), Moskva Plant. It used the buildings in the yard as garages and part of the building as a dormitory.

In 1992 the Hamburg House was returned to a granddaughter of the original owners as a part of the restitution process. However, the property required a substantial restoration which had to be repeated after the floods of 2002.

Currently, the Hamburg House is again in the hands of the descendants of the original owners and its interior is undergoing a sensitive restoration. Today, there are various non-residential premises in the house used as offices, while the ground floor serves as commercial premises. The essential part of the house is a restaurant which provides continuation of the tradition. This way, the Hamburg House still evokes its long history.



The Hamburg City House is located in the Prague quarter of Karlín on the Sokolovská street right on the Square of Karlín. Although it is one of the historical buildings of Karlín, its today´s purpose and location makes it a perfect complement to the modern office blocks across the street on Rohanské nábřeží (Rohan wharf).

The Prague quarter of Karlín has been experiencing a great boom since the renovations made necessary after the floods of 2002, and it is now a base for many companies. This, in turn, is attracting a growing number of cafés and restaurants to the location which, despite being near the historical center of Prague, retains it distinct character.

The Hamburg City House is easily accessible by public transport; from stations Křižíkova on Line B and Florenc on Lines B and C and also from a streetcar station Karlínské náměstí (lines 3 and 8).

Corporate tenants

Currently, following companies reside or rent premises in the Hamburg City House:




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You can also find the following services in the house:

  • Libuše Kačenová Švecová, accountant

Lease possibilities

Unfortunately, all non-residential premises in the building are currently leased.
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The facility management of the Hamburg City House is provided by BOND LEGAL s.r.o.


Regarding operational and technical issues, please turn to the building manager Mr. Jiří Rohánek on phone number + 420 722 707 767.


If you are interested in renting our premises, please contact us at the following address: kareta@bk-advokati.cz